Biathlon in Pokljuka online video broadcast of the women’s sprint

Биатлон в Поклюке: онлайн-видеотрансляция женского спринта

On Saturday, December 8, at the opening season of the biathlon world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka will host the sprint race among women. Ukraine on the course will present five athletes — Valya Semerenko (15th start), Anastasiya Merkushyna (22nd), Julia Jimand (the 28th), which will start in the yellow Jersey of the overall world Cup (pictured), Yuliya Zhuravok (50th) and Olena Pidhrushna (99th).

By the way, sprint is the shortest discipline in biathlon: 7.5 km distance consists of three laps and two shooting (prone and standing). For each miss passage provided a penalty loop of 150 m. According to the results of the sprint is pursuit, which involved 60 of the best biathletes in the sprint race (the order and starting times — final Protocol of the sprint).

It should be noted that they shoot in the biathlon with a distance of 50 meters. Diameter of the target in the standing shooting and 11.5 cm lying — 4.5 cm

The start of the race — at 15:15.

Video of the women’s sprint here.


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