Biathlon in Pokljuka: video women’s and men’s individual races of the world Cup

Биатлон в Поклюке: видео женской и мужской индивидуальных гонок этапа Кубка мира

Thursday, December 6, at the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka were the individual race among women and men.

Perfectly overcame the distance, our Olympic champion Julia Jim (pictured) who, not allowing any mistake on four shooting, got the first season of “gold.” Ukrainian, launched only 94-th position (by the time the track had already been thoroughly broken), 5.9 seconds ahead of Monika Hojnisz from Poland and 16.5 seconds — Market David from the Czech Republic.

Performed well the rest of the Ukrainian biathlete Elena Pidgrushnaya — 15-I (one penalty), Anastasiya Merkushyna — 16-I (one), Yulia Zhuravok — 20-I (any one), Vita Semerenko — 41-I (two).

Video female individual race on 15 km.

On Saturday, 8 December, 15:15 “FACTS” will hold an online broadcast of the women’s sprint.

By the way, a few hours earlier ended the men’s individual race, where the best biathletes from the Ukrainian Sergey Semenov finished at the sixth position (out of 109 members).

Video men’s individual race on 20 km.

On Friday, 7 December, 15:15 “FACTS” will hold an online broadcast of the men’s sprint.


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