Biathlon on TV: where to watch online the women’s race of the world Cup in Pokljuka

Биатлон на ТВ: где смотреть онлайн женскую гонку этапа Кубка мира в Поклюке

Thursday, December 6, at the initial stage of the biathlon world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka will host the women’s individual race, which will be attended by five Ukrainian athletes.

The senior trainer of the female national team of Ukraine Russian Andrey Prokunin put on the race (beginning at 15:15) Olympic Champions Yulia Jim (94th starting number; pictured), Elena Pidgrushnoy (87th) and Vita Semerenko (22nd) and Anastasia Merkushin (19th) and Yulia Zhuravok (60 minutes). Unfortunately, another owner of the relay gold Sochi Valya Semerenko yet fully recovered.

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December 6 (Thursday)

Individual race (women) 15:15 “NTU”, “Eurosport 1”, “Sport 1”

By the way, on the morning of 6 December, our men do not hit face in the dirt in the individual race at 20 km, and Sergey Semenov (no misses) finished in sixth position and ended up in the flower ceremony, Artem prima — on the 21st (two), Artem Tishchenko — on the 31st (none) and Vitaly Kilchitsky — 74 (three penalties).

“Gold” in the “independents” produced five-time Olympic champion Martin Fourcade of France, ahead of Johannes Kuhn of Germany and the Austrian Simon Eder.

Video of men’s race ended on 6 December.

Live video broadcast of the women’s individual race at 15 km also see here.

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