Big bust, and hundreds of selfie: Julia Roberts parodied Kim Kardashian

Julia Roberts and Ellen DeGeneres

In the new edition of “the Ellen DeGeneres” a guest is a 51-year-old Julia Roberts. The last time the actress had to sell adult toys, and this star took the Express course “How to increase the number of followers”. To promote your Instagram Ellen suggested a rather unusual ways (Julia is three million fans in social networks, and Ellen 60 million).

It all started with the fact that Roberts tried on a huge slip Breasts, which, in the opinion of leading, would have helped the actress to compete with Kim Kardashian. Celebrity doing a hot selfie in a tiny pink bikini on the background of a makeshift beach. Although Julia was embarrassed, room laughed heartily, applauding her with a standing ovation. Then Ellen asked the actress to do more photos of delicious food. Especially for bright frames Martha Stewart (American businesswoman, presenter and writer who gained fame and fortune thanks to the advice on housekeeping) sent the cake, as planned by the stars, had to gather hundreds of thousands of likes.

Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart

But all the tests for Julia ended. DeGeneres portrayed a cute schoolgirl who came on to the star of the film “Pretty woman” (Pretty Woman) with the request to do with her selfie. To refuse the annoying girl she is, of course, could not.

You know, I have a strange feeling that I’m losing followers,

she admitted during an impromptu photo shoot.

Ellen showed the audience an archived photo of Julia, taken during her rabotti at ShowBiz Pizza. There is a star handing out cakes on birthday, dressed in a bear costume. Combining study and work, Julia has managed to star in productions of the local theatre and also play the clarinet.

How do you think such inventive ways to attract followers on Instagram?

Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart

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