Bill Blair: “Armed violence is a serious problem for Canadians” (PHOTO)

Билл Блэйр: «Вооруженное насилие – это серьезная проблема для канадцев» (ФОТО)

Canadian laws regarding gun control is effective, however, the Federal government is ready to consider the introduction of additional restrictions in some parts of the country on a par with any other measures for the reduction of armed violence, as stated by the newly appointed Minister of Canada on issues of border security and the fight against organised crime bill Blair.

Blair acknowledged that many cases of fire in particular that occurred recently in Toronto – aroused public feeling that the government urgently needs to do more to guns do not fall into the wrong hands.

“This is a serious problem for Canadians − said bill Blair in interview to news Agency The Canadian Press. The problem is now acute in places such as Toronto, Surrey, British Columbia, and in other parts of Canada, requires that we have studied this issue and deal with it in an integrated way”.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has instructed Blair to conduct a “deep analysis” at the government level to find out what additional steps can be taken to combat the increasing phenomenon of armed violence – a problem familiar to him by years of police service in Toronto.

“Since I have many years of experience, the Prime Minister asked me to contribute to the government focused on this issue, I studied every possible aspect in every Ministry that we touched upon all issues related to armed violence, and this would enable us to take effective measures to deal with it,” he said.

According to Blair, the government will adopt “any measure that will be effective.”

The canadian authorities were already talking about the fact that it will consider a number of different ways of dealing with the surge of armed violence, including the ability to allocate to municipalities special powers. Bill Blair reiterated that promise.

He also mentioned the measures included in bill C-71, proposes to tighten some provisions of the law on possession of weapons, for example, to introduce in-depth background checks of potential gun owners, stricter registration of retail dealers and a requirement that buyers at first was charged with a firearms licence.

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