Biologists have grown a human retina

Биологи вырастили человеческую сетчатку

Scientists were able to grow a retina,Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America, was able to artificially grow the retina of the human eye. To do this, scientists took nine months, writes the with reference to

This achievement, according to scientists, will help professionals to explore cones, allowing the human eye to see color, and also have daytime vision. We will remind that earlier had produced a study the eyes of animals, the results of which showed that one of the most important components for the development of normal vision are the thyroid hormones of the thyroid gland. Biologists managed to add this hormone in the culture medium of setchatki which they were grown. This greatly contributed to the ripening of cones. The resulting sample perfectly perceives color, and is also capable of transmitting the nerve cells necessary information.

Previously it was reported that scientists from St. Petersburg have managed to grow artificial meat. This product can also be called be because it was grown in the laboratory from cells that had not previously been part of the animal. According to scientists, the cultivation of artificial meat, as well as establishing its subsequent mass production will prevent possible food shortages occurred on the background of the threat of food crisis.

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