Bird Box Challenge : a teen rides blindfolded and collided with another car

Bird Box Challenge : une ado roule les yeux band├ęs et percute une autre voiture

The events took place on Monday, January 7, Layton, Utah (United States).

A teenager, 17-year-old, wanted to complete the Bird Box Challenge, a new challenge on the social networks of blindfold and realize the challenges.

It is inspired by the film Bird Box with Sandra Bullock released on Netflix, where the actress spends much of the film blindfolded with her children, to try to escape a monster.

Accompanied by a passenger 16 years of age, the girl has driven a car with a bonnet which covered the eyes.

Not seeing anything, and it has changed lane and hit another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, before hitting a pole and end up in a sound-proof wall.

By miracle, there were no injuries.