Birthday guy Ritchie: the best films of British Director (Video)

День рождения Гая Ричи: лучшие фильмы британского режиссера (Видео)

The famous British Director, producer and screenwriter guy Ritchie on 10 September celebrates his birthday.

Today, September 10 is your birthday, British film Director guy Ritchie. Today he turned 50 years old! True cinephiles know the name of this talented man, his films want to reconsider. We have made a selection of the best and most successful films of guy Ritchie.

“Maps, money and two Smoking barrels” (1998)

In the story of 4 young men each have accumulated 25 thousand pounds to one of them could play cards with an experienced gambler and hardened criminal, known by the nickname Harry the Axe. The guy in the end lost 500 thousand, and the payment of the debt he was given a week. One of the key roles in the film played by Jason Statham.

“Snatch” (2000)

Frankie had to smuggle stolen diamonds from England to the United States to his boss Evie. However, this character gets into a lot of trouble. Betting on underground Boxing match, Frankie gets into a circle of highly undesirable events. Brad pitt and Jason Statham were just cherries on the cake of this film.

“Sherlock Holmes” (2009)

History’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr. together with his faithful colleague Dr. Watson (Jude law) engage in a battle that requires serious physical and mental training, because their enemy is a threat to the whole of London.

“Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows” (2011)

This is the second film about the great detective. 1891. In Vienna and Strasbourg are a series of terrorist attacks organized by anarchists or nationalists, and throughout Europe are mysterious murders. Sherlock Holmes believes that behind all this is Professor James Moriarty — a mathematical genius, author of the famous lectures and writings. Already on the way and the third part of the adventures of Sherlock and Watson.

“The sword of king Arthur” (2017)

Young Arthur lives on the outskirts of Londinium with his gang. He knew nothing of his Royal descent, until he took up the sword Excalibur. The sword begins to change Arthur. As a result, he joins the resistance and a mysterious young girl named Guinevere. He will learn to understand the magic weapon that he possessed, to face their own demons and unite people in the struggle against the dictator Vortigern who killed his parents and took possession of the crown. Charlie Hunnam and Jude law were great in this tape.

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