Bitcoin could become a major means of payment in the world

Биткоин может стать основным платежным средством в мире

British scientists have aptly named the day when bitcoin becomes the major world currency

According to the scientists William Knottenbelt and Sinela of Gurgura, cryptocurrency will become the main form of payment just ten years, in 2028, the year.

It is reported by the with reference to

“The researchers came to the conclusion that the cryptocurrency at this point is already able to perform the basic function of money as means of accumulation. For the acquisition of the remaining properties — the medium of exchange and measure of value, according to the authors, the cryptocurrency should be scalability challenges and regulation”, — is spoken in the message.

Moreover, according to the researchers, the cryptocurrency may displace traditional media.

“If cryptocurrency will be able to overcome the problems associated with their use as means of exchange and measure of value, they will replace the traditional money. The study notes that every evolutionary step was making the payments more practical and affordable. The widespread use of cryptocurrency could be the next step in the simplification and cheapening of the processes in international economic relations”, — underlined in the message text.

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