BlaBlaCar has introduced a new restriction

BlaBlaCar ввел новое ограничение

The service has limited the number of companions for trips up to five people.Service to search for travel with BlaBlaCar on 8 August introduced a limit on the number of passengers you can take with you. Now drivers can put people on not more than 5 seats.

So this applies to all drivers with the rights of category B and no license for commercial transportation. In BlaBlaCar have taken this decision because of the bus companies and regulators who complain about illegal carriers.

Separately, BlaBlaCar plans to work with drivers who have the right to commercial traffic. They have no price restrictions in place, the number of trip and number of trips per day.

Commercial carriers there are additional obligations which they must check the passports of passengers when travelling between the regions, to convey information in a centralized database to coordinate the place of embarkation and disembarkation, as well as to apply kontrolno-cash technics.

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