“Black week” will soon cover the Ukrainians

"Черная неделя" совсем скоро накроет украинцев

Experts have compiled a calendar of magnetic storms in March 2019, and told how dangerous will the next solar activity.

Magnetic storms can last a few days. At this time, many people may feel fatigue, suffer from migraines and sudden mood changes. Especially dangerous magnetic storms for people with chronic diseases, transmit Podrobnosti.ua.

13 Mar

This day the flash medium strength. In susceptible people may occur physical fatigue. Most discomfort people feel with cardiovascular disease. Possible sharp jumps and drops in blood pressure.

16 Mar

Also provide the flash of medium strength. On this day, people can experience changes in mood and behavior, even, this applies to healthy people. Most often seen aggressiveness and irritability. Also people may suffer from insomnia.

19 Mar

Should be prepared for strong magnetic storms. They are able to cause significant deterioration of health and exacerbation of chronic diseases. At risk occupy a special place in people who have problems with the cardiovascular system. Should adhere to moderate physical activity.

21 Mar

Another strong flare, which can adversely affect both the physical and emotional. People suggest this a day to be alone, otherwise probable conflict situations.

22 Mar

This day will the strong flash. Especially careful you have to be high blood pressure. Also care should be taken to people who are suffering from nervous and mental disorders.

28 Mar

On the surface of the Sun will flash average. You should monitor your emotional state and try to avoid disputes.

29 Mar

In this day of the average expected strength of the storm. It can cause a feeling of fatigue, it is not excluded sudden change in mood.