Black Widow : Marvel would not be so feminist that it according to a filmmaker who has abandoned the project






For years, fans have demanded a film about Black Widow never get it because Marvel did not believe in the potential of the character in a movie solo. And it took the success of Wonder Woman to change her mind.

Anyway, there is a golden rule to never forget when we talk about Hollywood and the big studios : from the moment where we can make a max of dough, the impossible becomes possible, and the fight deserves to be led. Of course, it does not clearly tell us that it is only for the money that we exchange opinions, we will decide whether we ride a large boat at the base of beautiful values, changing world and need to represent all categories of the population.


Thanks to it, or because of it, the future will tell us


A beautiful black rat snake that a lot of people to swallow, unfortunately, and that brings us to situations that are strange and conflicting, where the studios boast a progressive facade while remaining in a conservatism politically correct history of the not-too-wet his shirt. And it is this which gives us films such as Black Panther, directed by an african-american, Wonder Woman directed by a woman…

In the list of big projects at Marvel in the coming years, so there is a Black Widow, the first solo adventure of Scarlett Johansson after 10 years of good and loyal services as a foil. An important moment for the fans, but that should not deceive anyone about the intentions of the studio behind the scenes.


Finally a film solo for ScarJo


Behind-the-scenes that has just reveal Lucrecia Martel, director, argentina, of Zama , who had been contacted by Marvel to get the film scene, as she tells the microphone of the Daily Pioneer :

“I had received an e-mail from Marvel who wanted to see me. So I went to their celebration of 10 years where I had to sign a paper forbidding me to tell anything of what I had seen there. Marvel and the other studios are trying to engage more women in their productions. During the meeting, they told me that they had a great need for a woman director, who is deeply invested in the character development of Scarlett Johansson.”



An attitude of noble and progressive, therefore, guarantee to get out of the clichés of the genre. Except that no, actually, not really :

“They also told me not to worry about action scenes, they were going to deal with it. I thought that if I’d love to meet Scarlett, I also wanted to carry the action scenes.”

Except that this is, Marvel has not really been excited by the vision of the action proposed by Martel and was therefore dropped, preferring to turn to Cate Shortland. If there is not a matter for scandal, strictly speaking, Lucrecia Martel, however, offers a reading specific to the movement of feminization in terms of his own experience :


Need anyone


“The studios are interested in employing directors but they still think that the action scenes should be made by men. The first thing I asked is if you could change the special effects because there is, in my opinion, too many effects of lasers. I find it horrible. Just like the music of their films elsewhere. It is perhaps for this reason that we are not agreed but it is very difficult to watch a Marvel movie. It hurts too bad to the ears.”

Then yes, it is safe that said like this, it is a good reason not to work together. In fact, more than sexism, unconscious, it might just be that Marvel does not like the points of view different from his own. Captain Marvel will be released on march 6, 2019, Avengers : Endgame on April 24, and Spider-Man : Far From Home on July 3.


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