Blake lively had a fun time in Disneyland Paris (and her daughters!)

Blake Lively

More recently, 31-year-old Blake lively was spinning like a squirrel in a cage, presenting his new film Simple service and giving in this regard interviews to numerous publications. In October work schedule star became silent freer, and the actress did not miss the opportunity to take a little vacation. The other day Blake flew to France: enough after strolling through the streets of Paris, lively decided to go to the world famous Disneyland theme Park.

At Disneyland, the star seemed back to childhood: she had a good time, tried ears headband Minnie mouse and were photographed with a life-size puppet Mickey. And daughters, three year old James and two year old INES, next to the actress noted. Apparently, the baby stayed home in Los Angeles with relatives and nannies. Lively husband, 41-year-old Ryan Reynolds, was also unable to keep her company, because at the moment is filming a new movie in Rome.

To visit the Park, Blake chose to look in casual style: she was wearing a black hoodie and dark blue striped trousers. When this star appeared in public without the usual perfect styling and with an almost bare face.

By the way, lively quite often visit Disneyland, and go there not with children, and with her husband or best friends. The actress is riding on the rides, photographed with the most famous disney characters cartoons and eating sweets. Apparently, a lot of love for this Park remained lively since childhood.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively

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