Bloc Quebecois: the vote of confidence will take place in June

During the consultation of all members of the Bloc Québécois, on June 1 and 2, they will have before them a clear question about the confidence they have in Martine Ouellet, but the question about the Bloc’s mission is more four lines.

This referendum within the party is supposed to help appease the internal crisis that shakes the separatist party on the federal scene, since seven members left the caucus of the Bloc Québécois, contesting the leadership of Ms. Ouellet.

It is therefore all members of the party who were already members on March 24th who will be entitled to vote during this consultation on June 1st and 2nd.

During a press conference Monday in Montreal, the party leadership said they wanted to avoid “instrumentalization” by stopping the date of March 24. This is the date on which the Board of Directors met to decide on the terms of the consultation.

Why not allow other members to join the party before the consultation and thus promote citizen participation? was Mrs. Ouellet asked? “This is not a membership campaign,” justified Ms. Ouellet.

Both questions

“Accept your renewed confidence in Martine Ouellet, leader of the Bloc Québécois” is the first question members will have to answer.

Monday in Montreal, Ms. Ouellet reiterated that she would be “quite comfortable” with a support of 50 percent plus one vote, since this is the threshold required in a referendum.

The question as to the mission of the Bloc Québécois is much longer and more complex: “Should the Bloc Québécois be, in its daily actions, and not only in theory, the promoter of the independence option by using every forum and every opportunity to demonstrate the need for Quebec independence with activists, citizens, the media and the Ottawa Parliament by independence, as indicated in section 1 of the Bloc Québécois program ? ”

Ms. Ouellet justified such a long question by the fact that “this is what was questioned by the resigning”, who wanted to defend the interests of Quebec on the federal scene and not always talk about independence.

She argued that the Bloc’s mission was to talk about independence “at every forum”, to do it “at every opportunity”, and that it was the members of the party who decided that way.

The consultation will allow the question to be put to the members to clarify the whole thing, since, according to her, the resigning ones questioned this mission to promote independence “at each forum” and to do it “on every occasion” .

“Article 1 has been questioned by the resigning by their gesture of brilliance,” she said.

It will be necessary to see what will prevail a possible camp of the No face to this question, which is posed to the separatists.

“In theory, everyone agrees, it is in practice that the rub,” said Ms. Ouellet.

These conditions will have to be ratified by the delegates of the general council of the Bloc on April 29th. The approximately 20,000 party members will have the right to vote by telephone or the Internet. The result will be announced on June 3rd.

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