Blueberries: big transformers are not worried

Quebec Wild Blueberries and Mistassini Blueberries do not worry too much about the arrival of a new player in the field of blueberry freezing in Lac-Saint-Jean.
“With the growth of yield in the blueberry fields, the additional volumes will compensate for the volumes that will go to the new plant, said Réjean Fortin, president of Bleuets Mistassini. They will take their place in the market, as we did 30 years ago. It’s fun to see producers take charge. ”

Jean-Eudes Senneville, one of the leaders of Wild Blueberry Quebec, does not believe that the arrival of the new freezing plant will have an influence on the activities of the blueberry giant.

“We have our own blueberry fields and our growers,” he says, estimating he can process as much volume as he has in recent years, if weather conditions are favorable.

“We continue to do our business as before,” he added, noting that he expects a very good harvest season. Guillaume Roy

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