BMW 3-Series caught photospin

BMW 3-Series попался фотошпионам

The successor can show this year.

Automotive photographer Daniel hook was lucky enough to capture at the Nurburgring the new sedan BMW of the third series. Of course, in camouflage. The current generation F30 in the body is produced in 2011 and in the spring of 2015 postponed a planned restyling.

The next visit was assigned the factory index G20. It is based on a modular platform CLAR, where from now on all the BMW with rear-wheel drive nature from the “five” to “eight”, the new X5 future X7. BMW 3-Series will have “fused” nostril grille and signature “angel eyes” dimensions finally go from the shape of the circle and turned into a small staples.

According to preliminary information, in addition to the top version of the M3, the family will immediately two “heated” modification. This petrol BMW M340i forces with a 360 under the hood and M340d BMW diesel engine which will give out 320 HP but basic, as now, will be three-cylinder engines with a volume of half a liter. Interestingly, BMW is going to offer optional all-wheel drive.

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