BMW 3 Series GT can disappear from the market

BMW 3 Series GT может исчезнуть с рынка

BMW really abandon 3-series GT.

Future BMW 3 Series GT was at issue since January of this year, when the first rumors about the withdrawal of this model from production.

However, five months later, the Network appeared information about the fact that the BMW 3-series GT can turn into a 4-series GT.

However, based on recent news, BMW will stop the production 3-series GT and will focus on four-cylinder Gran Coupe. According to preliminary data, the 3-series GT will be finally discontinued in July 2020.

It should be noted that if BMW did indeed refuse 3-series GT, releasing a replacement Gran Coupe, motorists wishing to purchase this car, will have to wait, as production of this model is planned to be completed only in 2020, and in sale it will arrive only next year.Now the new 4-series, according to rumors, will be the basis for the creation of a BMW i4, i.e. an electric vehicle. However, it is still unknown what will become of the 3rd series GT because the BMW still has not made any official statements.

Fans of the 3-series GT are sure that BMW will not abandon a favorite of many models, and just create successor by slightly changing the design.

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