BMW has presented a new sport coupe

BMW презентовала новое спорткупе

The new BMW Z4 finally appeared without camouflage.We have already seen spy photos. Seen images from the patent. And some even were lucky enough already to go. And only now are the first time to see the long-awaited sport coupe from BMW is the new Z4 2019 model year.

In 2017 at the Competition of elegance at pebble beach the Bavarians showed a BMW Z4. The image that appeared on the forum demonstrates the appearance of the serial car. As you know, the new “Zed 4” was developed along with the Toyota Supra and has a lot in common. But the main thing – the production model is very close to last year’s concept.

Rapid profile body, wide “nostrils” grille, huge air intakes in the bumper, narrow rear lights – not just the hood with slots, but in the production version appeared door handles and badges. Index M40i on the rear of the machine says that under the hood of this BMW Z4 turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 382 HP And the presence of M-versions of means that way less powerful versions.

BMW recently announced that a debut of the novelty will take place on August 26 at the same Competition of elegance at pebble beach.

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