BMW is Recalling hundreds of thousands of cars in Europe: the cause

BMW отзывает сотни тысяч авто в Европе: названа причина

BMW recall in Europe 324 000 cars with diesel engines. The reason for this decision is the possibility of ignition of the engine, which has already been registered in South Korea, reports the with reference to

In particular, at the moment there are about 27 cases of ignition of diesel engines in cars Bavarian auto giant in South Korea. Happened any accidents – not reported. But this week 13 of the South Koreans, having a diesel car BMW, have filed lawsuits against the Bavarian company, claiming that they are afraid to drive their vehicles. Each of them wants to obtain compensation about 4 thousand dollars.

In South Korea, due to cases of fire engines BMW has recalled more than one hundred thousand vehicles with diesel engines. Now it is the turn of Europe. There, under a service campaign got 324 000 cars. Of these, nearly 100 thousand copies in Germany alone.

BMW asserts that these cases, diesel cars were known in 2016, but only in June 2018 found the cause of the problem.

Recall that in 2017, BMW recalled in the United States, approximately 1.4 million vehicles because of a possible ignition engines. Apparently, the Bavarians it is such a big problem.

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