Bohemian Rhapsody marks a record at the box office, and ahead to the Oscars






Bohemian Rhapsody is without doubt one of the big winners of 2018 at the box office.

After years of development since the announcement in 2010 (including Sacha Baron Cohen attached to the project for a few years), and then a production very complicated, marked by the replacement of the director Bryan Singer by Dexter Fletcher, Bohemian Rhapsody seemed born under an unlucky star.

But the magic of hollywood is fierce. Despite a press that is a bit divided and many fans who have identified the factual errors in the scenario, the biopic on Freddie Mercury of Queen was a huge hit in cinemas. With nearly 540 million harvested at the box office, the film pays a record in the category of biopic.


Rami Malek and his band


Because if the biopic musical is a recipe well-known on the side of the Oscars and Hollywood, the success achieved rarely or never at this altitude. Walk the Linethe movie about Johnny Cash, has ended his career of around 186 million. Ray, about Ray Charles, has earned just $ 125 million to its output. Tina (Tina Turner), Bird (Charlie Parker), Control (about Ian Curtis of Joy Division), I’m Not There (about Bob Dylan), Nowhere Boy (about John Lennon), La vie en rose (about Edith Piaf) or even The Doors Oliver Stone : none of them flew high at the box office.

N. W. A. – Straight Outta Compton, and is considered as a big success in 2015, has passed the milestone of 200 million.

Currently 539.5 million, of which $ 164 at the box office domestic, Bohemian Rhapsody wins a place of first order in the history of the business of biopics of music.

In France, the film has attracted more than 2.7 million viewers. This is for the kick away of the 5.2 million La Môme Cotillard, but above Ray (1.6 million), and very on top of Walk the Line (272 146 entries).


“I wanted to thank my parents…”


The story will not stop obviously not there. First of all, Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely going to continue on its way at the box office, and pocket a few tens of millions. In France, the 3 million entries are almost guaranteed.

But above all, such success strengthens the chances to see the film to defend his place at the season of the Oscars. Such a phenomenon is a huge selling point for the distributors that campaign ; and to the Academy of the Oscars, which seeks to align more and more about the interest of the public that is turning away from its great mass, this is a godsend.


Real life, no fantasy


The best asset is, of course, Rami Malek. The actor of Mr. Robot is already on the radar of the Golden Globes thanks to the series of Sam Esmail, and will certainly be nominated for his performance of Freddie Mercury. An Oscar nomination is still uncertain, and depends on the competition and the next few weeks, but the probability increases.

Apart from Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody will have to drag the pan Bryan Singer, more and more heavy during her campaign. Pursued for years by rumors, and even accused of sexual assault, the director of X-Men and Usual Suspects has been washed away in the hurricane Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo.

And even one who wishes to close the eye on his private life can not ignore that the developer has been fired by the Fox in her film about Queen, a priori because of its behavior non-professional on the board. It is only thanks to the rules of the union of filmmakers that it is (discreetly) credited as director, and that the name of Dexter Fletcher (who finished the film) is absent.

The path to the sacred hollywood ultimate is, therefore, still a long to Bohemian Rhapsody.


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