Bollinger released a traversable electropica

Bollinger выпустил проходимый электропикап

This is a fully electric four-wheel drive truckof the new York startup has published renderings and revealed the characteristics of its second model, pickup B2, writes the with reference to Avtodream

This all-electric four-wheel drive truck is built on the same units as the SUV B1, issued in the summer of last year.

Dimensions Bollinger B2 – 5281x2261x1847 mm, wheelbase – 3531 mm, track width – 1681 mm Length of the loading platform is 1.75 m, if you remove the rear glass panel of the cab and the rear seat, it will increase to 2.5 meters. The payload of the truck is 5000 pounds (2267 kg), and in tow he can take half as much.

As in the case of SUV, a pickup truck got hydropneumatische all wheels, which allows to vary the ground clearance in the range from 25.4 to 50.8 cm propulsion is identical: two electric motors with total capacity of 520 HP and a battery capacity of 120 kWh. Bollinger B2 develops 96 km/h in 6.5 seconds and accelerates up to a maximum of 160 km/h. the Projected reserve on a single charge 322 km on realistic methods protection Agency United States environmental protection Agency (EPA).

Initially, Bollinger B1 was served as a car-transformer, capable of being and three-door station wagon, and pickup truck. Then he developed a five-door body, and the cargo version decided to make a separate model.

To date, the original prototype B1 has undergone a number of significant changes: it has improved aerodynamics, increased power motors and battery capacity, made optional glass roof in addition to the usual aluminum. And B1 and B2 are already available for pre-order, although their production will start only in 2020.

Preparation of cars to the series Robert Bollinger startup helps Michigan engineering firm Optimal Incorporation.

Bollinger выпустил проходимый электропикап

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