Bordeaux : the man who assaulted 4 people with a hammer arrested

Bordeaux : l'homme qui a agressé 4 personnes au marteau interpellé

This week, four people were attacked with a hammer in the streets of Bordeaux, in the Gironde.

It all started Saturday the 22nd of December, where a man has hit a young woman with hammer blows in the neighborhood of the station.

Then, he did it again Thursday, around 8: 30, still in the same neighbourhood. Another woman received several blows of the hammer. Severely injured, she was transported to the hospital.

A wide array of police officers has been put in place to find this perpetrator in the series.

The latter was a third victim early Friday afternoon. To 13 hours, it hit a young woman in the head with a hammer while he was behind her, before fleeing in current

And then, a little later, rue Lasserre, he is taken to a man. This last was struck in the elbow by a blow from a hammer.

The abuser was finally arrested on Friday evening around 21 hours rue Cazaubon in Bordeaux. He was in possession of a hammer. Ignoring for the moment the reasons which led him to commit these 4 attacks.