Bosch has released jet engines for motorcycles

Bosch выпустил реактивные двигатели для мотоциклов

Bosch has developed jet engines for motorcycles

German group Bosch has announced the final testing phase of a package of new technologies that will significantly improve the safety of motorcycling, writes the with reference to Avtodream

The first and most unusual technique is a system of tilt sensors of the motorcycle, the clutch wheel with the road surface and the battery jet.

When the system detects loss of traction or too much slope on the side closest to the road, produced in a jet stream, which aligns the tilt of the bike. While these micro-engines are disposable, but the representatives of the company promised to modify the system.

The second innovation is familiar to motorists complex that detects possible collision. He will alert the rider by the sound of an approaching vehicle. The interest of journalists was caused by the possibility of installation of warning systems on the motorcycle helmet.

A third technique is to monitor the blind zones to the driver that is currently one of the most serious problems in riding motorcycles.

the company has already signed agreements on the implementation of the above modifications in the models Multistrada bikes from manufacturer Ducati and KTM 1290 Super Duke.

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