Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk walk with my daughter in new York amid speculation about problems in the family

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk with her daughter Leah

Lately, scientists are increasingly cute family snaps 43-year-old Bradley Cooper and 32-year-old Irina Shayk along with the adorable one-year-old daughter Leah taken by the paparazzi. Yesterday the celebrity couple again got into the lens of reporters while walking around new York.

While Bradley carried the smiling little girl on my shoulders, Irina was coming behind and was carrying a few bags. Apparently, while walking, the pair also went to the store for the necessities.

Irina Shayk with Bradley Cooper and daughter

The model was a white t-shirt tucked into dark blue pants with stripes, and white sneakers. Bradley also went for a walk in a blue shirt and black trousers. Together, they looked quite happy and contented, despite the fact that recently in a press there were hearings about serious problems in the star family.

According to a source quoted by Page Six magazine, in recent years between Irene and Bradley ran like a black cat. Rumor has it that the model and actor for several months, “unhappy together”.

He doesn’t drink and wants to engage in spiritual development, as she often wants to go somewhere to have fun

— reported by anonymous.

Another source close to the star couple said that recently the Shake and Cooper was at a joint lunch, where they behaved extremely suspiciously for a loving couple.

They did not look happy. At the beginning of lunch, they exchanged only a few words, and on the way home looked in different directions and seemed very sad

— confirms the rumors anonymous.

By the way, fans of the couple may indeed have reason for concern. The fact that the last time actor and model were less likely to spend time together, reporters and then remove them individually while walking with her daughter. We can only guess what is really going on in the life of this beautiful star couple.

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