Breast pain, when to worry ?

Douleurs mammaires, quand s’inquiéter ?

Discomfort, compression, burning, tingling… Have sore breasts still worried about. Needless to thinking systematically about the worst. The majority of breast pain is not related to cancer.

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The pain syndrome breast is a frequent reason for consultation, notes the Pr Carole Mathelin, gynaecologist oncologist at the university hospital of Strasbourg*. It generates a lot of anxiety but is rarely a sign of a malignant tumor. “When the pains are cyclical and occur simultaneously in both breasts, a hormonal disruption is often in question. On the other hand, ” pain, unilateral, not by the rhythm of the menstrual cycle can be a warning sign, especially if it is associated with the appearance of a dimple on the breast, retraction of the nipple, a hardening of the skin, discharge or a change in the shape of the breast , “explains the Pr Mathelin. In this case, it is better to consult to determine its origin. But don’t panic : according to a study done at the hospital, Beaumont, Dublin, 98% of breast pain do not have any character of gravity.

Tensions before the rules

Breasts hard and swollen to the approach of the rules is one of the manifestations of the premenstrual syndrome. This is a result of an imbalance of hormonal balance which floods the tissues and causes pressure, especially in the upper and external part of the mammary glands. The pain dissipates after menstruation arrivals. To mitigate this, the doctor may propose a gel-based progesterone or a pill which regulates the hormone levels in the body.

The politics of menopause

Hormonal treatment of the menopause incorrectly dosed is likely to generate tensions breast. Rebalance the treatment does away with the discomfort. “A osteoarthritis of the spine may also give pain in the breasts, says the Pr Mathelin. It is pain projected from the spine. “Cardiac or pulmonary conditions, radiating sometimes to the inside of a breast. In case of doubt, make an appointment at the doctor to detect the precise source of the symptom.

Engorgement during breastfeeding

When the baby is not suckling all the milk produced by the mammary glands, a milk duct may become clogged, or even ignite. The breast becomes red, hot and painful. To avoid the formation of an abscess, use a breast pump, shower your breasts with warm water, and place dressings in alcohol to relieve. If the breast becomes very hard, prescribed by the doctor, often an anti-inflammatory, or antibiotics when the infection threat.

A lump in a breast

Discover the palpation of a lump in a breast is always scary. But no need to be alarmed, especially if the nodule rolls under the fingers, and changes size over the cycle. A cyst is probably the cause. If it grows a lot, you can empty it by doing a puncture. The ball collected may also be a lipoma (mass of fat) or a adénofibrome (clusters fibrous), benign. An ultrasound or a mammogram is often necessary to exclude the risk of malignancy.

* And is responsible for the commission senology of the national College of gynaecologists and obstetricians French (Cngof).

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