Brexit: May could give up a 3rd vote next week on the withdrawal agreement

Brexit: May pourrait renoncer à un 3e vote la semaine prochaine sur l'accord de retrait

The First british minister Theresa May would renounce to submit next week again to the vote of the deputies on the withdrawal agreement negotiated with the european Union if it does not get enough support, which would at a much later date, Brexit.

It is “not certain” that a vote will be organised in the beginning of the week as expected, said on the BBC the Finance minister Philip Hammond. “We present again the agreement that if we are confident that a sufficient number of our colleagues and the DUP (unionist party of northern ireland) are prepared to support it so that it passes in Parliament”, he added.

The minister of international Trade Liam Fox has said on Sky news, noting that it “would be difficult to justify to hold a vote if one is sure of losing”.

The Treaty of withdrawal, the result of tough negotiations with Brussels and intended to implement “Brexit” smooth on march 29, had been moved on the 15 of January, by 432 votes to 202, and then the 12 of march, by 391 votes against 242.

The First minister had planned to present it again to the deputies Tuesday or Wednesday before a european council is expected on Thursday. Until then, she tries to convince the eurosceptics pure and hard for his party and mps from the DUP, its parliamentary ally, to change his mind.

They oppose in particular the “safety net”, a provision of the agreement supposed to prevent the return of a physical border between the Republic of Ireland and the british province of Northern Ireland and which provides that the Uk remains in a “single customs territory” with the EU.

The pro-Brexit fear that this secures their country indefinitely, the EU and the unionists refuse the special status that would be conferred on the Northern Ireland.

– This agreement or not to Brexit –

Theresa May needs the vote of 75 parliamentarians extra to take away.

Some have joined his camp as Esther McVey who resigned in November from his post of minister of Labour, in disagreement with the text.

Although this is still a “bad deal”, “the choice that is presented to us, it is this deal or no Brexit”, has she justified Sunday to Sky news.

As it is, a “significant number” of deputies have changed their tune because the alternatives to the negotiated agreement by Theresa May seemed to be “too unpleasant,” assured Philip Hammond. However, it “still work”.

True to his reputation for obstinacy, Theresa May, has again pleaded with the parliamentarians of the rally, in a column in the Sunday Telegraph.

If she suffered a new failure in Parliament, the Uk could “not leave the EU for months, if not ever”, she warned, playing the strategy of fear at the time the camp pro-Brexit wonders if his vote will materialize one day. Protesters pro-Leave have launched Saturday a long walk of protest from the north-east of England to the Parliament of London.

Theresa May also warned that a lengthy postponement of the Brexit would force the United Kingdom to organise european elections in late may.

“The idea that the British go to the polls to elect members of the european parliament three years after voting to leave the EU is barely bearable. There can be no symbol more powerful of the failed political class in the Parliament,” wrote the head of the government.

Deeming it “ridiculous,” a third trial of Theresa May, the leader of the Labour, the main opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, warned that the labour party would try again to overthrow the government.

If the government presents the agreement of withdrawal to the deputies, “I suspect that they will again be beaten”, said on Sky news Mr Corbyn. “I think that at this stage a motion of no confidence will be justified”, he added.

Jeremy Corbyn discusses with mps from other parties to find an alternative on the Brexit. He said that his party would support an amendment tabled by mps Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson that would validate the withdrawal agreement, provided that it is submitted to a referendum.