Brigitte Macron : this handbag that she will soon regret !

Brigitte Macron : ce sac à main qu’elle va vite regretter !

Brigitte Macron has become a true inspiration for designers and creative French(es).

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In the First lady, everything is monitored closely by the fashion police : her shoes, her looks and even her accessories.

If some do not hesitate to copy his style, sober and elegant, others feel inspired by the companion of the president and Emmanuel Macron, as Emmanuelle Quevedo. This designer from the south-west of France shared one of his latest creations on Facebook. And the least we can say is that it is stack in the air !

It is a purse… yellow jacket !

For Emmanuelle Quevedo, the idea came rather naturally. She had read in the press that Brigitte Macron had bought “a new purse of brand perfume Number 5”.

Beyond the joke, this mother of a family who does not lack ideas going on a real rant on Facebook. Then she launched her small business a few months ago, it feels suffocating.

Brigitte, this message is for you. I hope that you don’t want to not have this familiarity you the familiar, but given that I pay through my taxes : your wardrobe, your decorating, your holiday… I have the feeling that we are already a little related to you and me.” start his letter. Finally, the designer tells “concerned” because she “discovered already every months the increase of its expenses”.

▶️ For you Brigitte ✍️Brigitte, this message is for you .I hope that you don’t want to not have this familiarity…

Posted by Miss Txuky on Thursday, December 6, 2018

Like what, the mode can truly put across political messages !

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