British Ministers had practiced the Queen’s funeral – media

Британские министры отрепетировали похороны королевы - СМИ

Such an action plan is developed for a long time, but politicians took part in the rehearsal for the first time.In the UK Ministers rehearsed their actions in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, reports The Sunday Times.This rehearsal was held for the first time, just in the week when the Queen has cancelled a visit to the service in St. Paul’s Cathedral because of poor health, writes the with reference to the Correspondent.

The repetition was the code name for the “pigeon Palace”. Prime Minister Theresa may and Ministers have discussed the probable action plan on the first day after the death of the monarch.

For the first time civil servants and politicians were discussing the plan. According to one of the Ministers, all actions have become more active due to the age of the Queen.

Policy practiced the preparation of the 10-day national mourning. In particular, the day after the death of the Queen, officials decided when the Prime Minister should address the nation and announce the event.

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