British scientists have uncovered the mystery of Stonehenge

Британские ученые раскрыли тайну Стоунхенджа

The aim of the project is to show the enemy its power.

British scientists announced a revolutionary statement that one of the most mysterious structures in the world built not people. On Salisbury plain, where Stonehenge is located, discovered the stones treated for several million years until the Neolithic era. It is the ascent and sunset of the Sun around boulders prompted the authors to build the famous Stonehenge.

In the journal “British Archaeology” published the results of a study by British scientists, where the experts have substantiated their own scientific conclusions. Thus, the head of the expert group Mike Pitts reported that for the first time about a possible trace of non-human civilization in the construction of Stonehenge began in 1979. Then a group of scientists dug up a pit in a diameter of 6 MTR (20 ft), and later another environment for archaeological research was the cultural layer, located at a distance of 75 feet from the circle of Stonehenge. A heel stone weighs more than 60 tons and has a different nature than the components of the old building.

Later it turned out that we are talking about some Central point of the ancient clock, which has its sacred purpose in the time of spring and autumn solstice. “It was assumed that all Arseny at Stonehenge came from Marlborough downs over 20 miles from the Central object. If you are going to build something big, you use it before you move boulders or to get rid of some of them. It makes sense to say that the stone heels have always been in the immediate vicinity of construction sites”, – quotes “The Times” Mike Pitts.

Experts suggest that the aliens were not so developed to talk about over-mind. However, they were able to build such a massive structure like Stonehenge. The goal of this project is to show the enemy its power, according to British experts. This theory explains how the enormous stone blocks could be raised to such a height.

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