British scientists said that the country recorded outbreak of the zombie virus

Британские ученые заявили, что в стране зафиксирована вспышка зомби-вируса

British biologists have urged citizens to be vigilant.

British scientists said that the country recorded outbreak of the virus, brainwash those who infected them, causing them to explode, after completing its mission. Fortunately, victims of such a terrifying infectious agent, called a baculovirus, are not people, and caterpillars.

Usually the caterpillar of Lasiocampa quercus, common in the UK and continental Europe, trying to hide from the sunlight in the leaves, as in open space they are more likely to notice predators. However, the baculovirus not only inhibits this inherent fear evolution, but also makes insects striving for the Sun, climbing to the top of the plants where they live.

After the caterpillars reach the goal, their insides begin to dissolve, and at the slightest mechanical impact body explode, allowing the virus to spread further. As said biologist and photographer Kriss Miller, first discovered signs of “epidemic”, the effects of the virus on caterpillars afraid of not less than the sophisticated plot of a horror movie.

Miller was engaged in survey and study of butterflies in Peat swamp Winmalee. It is a protected natural monument on the territory of the brotherhood of Lanarkshire, entered in the list of sites of special scientific interest. First, the researcher found a few dead, but otherwise “safe” caterpillars on the branches of the bushes, and later found in the same area the pieces of skin Lasiocampa quercus.

British biologists have urged citizens to be vigilant and to report if they see tracks, not hiding in the leaves, and creeping out into the sun. This would allow professionals to provide a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus. However, whatever danger he might pose to humans, experts are not reported.

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