Broken cyclist in Stratford: Pierre Gosselin set free

Arrived at the courthouse escorted and handcuffed, the driver accused of causing the death of a cyclist in Stratford has regained his freedom.
Pierre Gosselin was back at the courthouse on Wednesday for his bail hearing. After hearing several testimonies, including that of the accused himself, Judge Helene Fabi ordered his release for further proceedings.

A publication ban prevents revealing the contents of the testimonies.

The 57-year-old Stornoway man accused of the death of Jocelyn Debaque will have to respect a series of conditions, including the prohibition to consume alcohol, to go to a licensed bar or place, to be outside his home from 11 pm to 7 am, to leave Quebec, in addition to paying a deposit of $5,000. He will of course have to give back his driving license and must under no circumstances drive a motorized vehicle.

Seeming nervous throughout the session that lasted more than two hours, the accused finally breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the decision.

Family members and a friend were present in the courtroom. On several occasions Gosselin turned his gaze in their direction.

Attorney Me Isabelle Dorion was opposed to the release of the accused, pointing out that impaired driving is “a scourge, a common crime and a serious crime”.

Justice Helene Fabi agreed that this was a serious offense and that it is important not to “undermine public confidence in the justice system”, but believes that “a public well-informed about the Mr. Gosselin’s situation would not be outraged if he was released. ”

“The Tribunal has no reason to believe that it will not honor its commitments. He has no criminal record, no offense ticket showing he would be completely irresponsible on the roads. It is an individual who has a respectful job and lifestyle, “said Judge Fabi.

Pierre Gosselin is accused of impaired driving causing the death of a cyclist. The accident occurred around midnight Monday on Route 161, at 198 Avenue Centrale Sud, in an area of ​​50 km / h.

Gosselin was driving south when he caught the cyclist. His death was found a few hours later at the Lac-Megantic Hospital Center. At the time of the accident, Gosselin was accompanied by a woman and a young man in his van.

Pierre Gosselin is represented by Charles Shearson. The rest of the proceedings will be held at the Lac-Megantic courthouse.

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