Brooklyn Heights Promenade will be closed for at least 6 years due to the reconstruction of the BQE

Brooklyn Heights Promenade закроют минимум на 6 лет из-за реконструкции BQE

Brooklyn Heights Promenade will be closed for at least 6 years due to the reconstruction of the BQE

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: BQE

Brooklyn Heights Promenade Brooklyn-Queens Expressway In New York

In connection with a Grand renovation of one of the busiest highways — Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) — for several years, it can shut down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Thursday, September 20, the Department of transportation of new York (N. Y. C. Department of Transportation — DOT) has published version 2 of the reconstruction of a 2.4-km stretch of the BQE from Atlantic Avenue to Sands Street. Regardless of which option is approved, it will inevitably affect the scenic boardwalk length 556,5 m, passing over the BQE.

Option 1: BQE obscure Brooklyn Heights Promenade

According to this, according to DOT, “innovative” will be a temporary 6-lane raceway just at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. One of the advantages of the plan — the minimum time of construction.

In the end the city will have the safest motorway with the application of several new technologies (in particular, reduction of noise and vibration) that will have a positive impact on the environment and the comfort of local residents.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade will be closed for 6 years, but it will be wider than 10.7 M.

The cost of repairs will range from $3.2 to $3.6 billion.

Option 2: traditional

In accordance with this embodiment, this section of the BQE is being reconstructed not all at once, and bands. As a result, new Yorkers will have to endure “transport collapse” eight years.

Traditional option, according to the DOT, the least “dramatic” impact on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The reconstruction will cost $3.4–4 billion

We have previously reported that in new York because of the danger of collapse has canceled the opening of the second span of the bridge, Mario Cuomo.

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