Brooklyn Pets are dying in terrible agony from the poison for stray cats

В Бруклине домашние животные гибнут в жутких муках из-за яда для бездомных кошек

Brooklyn Pets are dying in terrible agony from the poison for stray cats

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Larsson/CC

Animals Brooklyn new York USA

Many Pets were poisoned and some died in terrible agony in mill-Basin and adjacent areas South Brooklyn.

How did you find concerned locals and animal advocates, the reason for the death of our younger brothers — poison, which is illegally used to reduce populations of homeless cats.

“She’s all bled out,” he told PIX11 News the man whose pit bull died over the weekend.

“She died a very painful death, — told reporters, a close friend of the owner of the dog. This is so sad. I sincerely hope that whoever did it (spilled poison on the streets of the district. — you will find”.

In mill-Basin, is really a lot of homeless cats. Some people coddle them and feed them. But someone decided to get rid of them so cruelly.

“People poison the cats — says a local resident. — I saw the dead cats, I saw spilled antifreeze on the corner.”

Toxic bright green liquid really attracts cats and other animals. Unknown pests poured small puddles on the sidewalks and the grass, usually where owners are walking their Pets.

“In one case killed a poodle — says Eliza Flash, founder of the group animal rescue Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn. — [Dog] belonged to an elderly gentleman who [now] heartbroken”.

Another victim of the poison was almost a Labrador Retriever. However the owner managed to do all that is recommended by veterinarians in case of poisoning.

“To act without delay is the best way — confirmed Dr. Martin Kopel Animal Clinic of Marine Park. — If you have any suspicions, do something”.

For the illegal destruction of animals are punishable by imprisonment up to 1 year or a fine of up to $1000.

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