Brooklyn shooting: two injured, one dead

Стрельба в Бруклине: двое пострадавших, один погибший

Brooklyn shooting: two injured, one dead

Author: Anastasia Bielsko

Brooklyn crime new York Shooting

According to police, during the shooting in Lawrence St. and Fulton St in Brooklyn, injuring three people — two men and a woman. One of the victims, a man 30 years old, was taken to Brookdale Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The other two are now in stable condition, their wounds were not fatal.

The incident happened around 13:45, in front of the GAP store. Shots rang out after a group of people started a fight in the street. It is not known whether the victims involved in the conflict.

At the moment police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. The suspect, an African American in the white cap and red shorts, fled in the direction to the station Jay Street Borough Hall. Arrests not yet been made.

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