Calais : the girl raped was forced to drink the urine and feces of cats

Calais : la jeune fille violée était forcée de boire de l'urine et des excréments de chats

We know a little more about the circumstances of the sequestration of a young girl of 18 years of age in Calais (62).

In early October, the victim had fled his home in Dunkirk after an argument with his father and had found refuge with acquaintances : two brothers, aged 19 and 22 years of age, and the wife of the younger.

But, very quickly, the wife of 37 years has started to be jealous of the young woman, thinking she appeals to his companion.

The trio has made life a real hell to the young girl for several days. The victim was humiliated, beaten repeatedly and suffered many rapes in which the wife participated.

But the horror does not stop there. They forced him to eat cat feces, drinking urine and eat cigarette butts.

The 3 torturers were then asked for a ransom to the father of the young girl. The latter filed a complaint at the same time the victim escaped by jumping out of the window of the house and finding refuge in a pharmacy.

The three suspects were still in custody Friday for rape with torture and acts of barbarism.