California schools appeared dangerous game “signicance”

В школах Калифорнии появилась опасная игра — «нежничанье»

California schools appeared dangerous game “signicance”

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: Twitter

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Grown-up game necking, or “signicance”, is gaining popularity in elementary school. Forkner in Fresno (CA). One of the victims of dangerous fun on Thursday, August 16, was a student of 5th class Robbie Seiya.

10-year-old Robbie is looking forward to the start of the school year, but she’s totally not happy about the daily trips to school, where it is constantly at risk to get it in the neck — literally. Students took fashion is absolutely not a gentle slap on the neck classmates.

A few years ago a video like “games” is flashed on YouTube — for example, Fast Neck Game (“fast neck”). One teen, putting your fingers in a certain way, showing them another way, and as soon as he noticed the warning, and gave him in the neck. Then a “broken” became a “striker”.

Now the students just sneak up behind and beat on the neck of the unsuspecting comrades.

“Sending a child to school, especially elementary, you should know that there he will be safe,” says Robbie’s mom — Pamela. Her son suffered from such “jokes” in the past year, although the school administration none of the parents were not notified that the necking has been a longstanding problem. “I didn’t know that this behavior was common in this school”, says Pamela.

Jokingly clapping comrades on the neck, the kids and I don’t think they can hurt. “I’m sure that most do not understand that this could injure the neck. For example, pinch a nerve, because the ball is at the base of the skull, and it is dangerous”, — says the mother of the injured student.

On the evening of 17 August, the Director Forkner Elementary School sent parents a voice message asking for help in solving this problem. The administration also released for 4-6-graders a warning about the serious measures that will be taken against “sinichya” students.

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