California was seen fire tornado (video)

В Калифорнии был замечен огненный торнадо (видео)

California was seen fire tornado (video)

Author: Alina Dykman

tornado California news

What could be worse than a tornado? How about a tornado made of fire and poisonous gas?

Terrifying video was shot by a resident of California (with him, by the way, everything is in order) this weekend. Video a cloud of smoke and ash resulting from a fire in an open area, which is gradually turning into a large fiery tornado.

An incredible phenomenon happened in the South of the town of Blythe (approximately 20 thousand inhabitants) in California, near the border with Arizona.

That day was a real hell of a hot day the air is warmed to 110 f (+43 Celsius), and fire vegetation in the open countryside. Soon the fire turned into a fire tornado.

Meteorologists say a small fire vortices near the surface of the earth are not uncommon, but it was a completely different case, since the rotation started from the top of the funnel. In addition, it rotates counterclockwise, which also happens infrequently.

According to experts, the wind speed in a fiery tornado reached 80 to 90 miles per hour, and the temperature inside the poison clouds – up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (+260 Celsius).

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In 1926, in California, lightning caused an oil fire, during which there was several of the fiery tornado. One of them overcame almost a kilometer, took to the air house and killed two of its residents.

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