Called a popular dish, can trigger asthma

Названо популярное блюдо, способное спровоцировать астму

A good reason to abandon fast food.

Scientists from China have come to the conclusion that the frequent consumption of burgers greatly increases the risk of asthma, reports the with reference to

Requires only three or more hamburgers a week.

So-called junk food, in other words, junk food, contributes to a variety of lung diseases, including asthma, which currently has reached 5 million Britons.

It also increases the risk of disease hay fever and allergic rhinitis. But other harmful products such as soda, you do not have such a negative effect.

A group of researchers from Sichuan University, believes that in recent decades, fast food has become an important component of the diet, particularly in Western countries with high income.

“But this means higher calorie consumption, overweight and obesity in children and adolescents”, ― said the scientists.

They also stated that fatty foods aggravates inflammation of the Airways in asthma. Moreover, the consumption of fast foods reduces the intake of foods rich in protective nutrients such as fruits and vegetables.

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