Called detrimental to the habits of car drivers

Названы губительные для машины привычки водителей

Experts called the actions of the driver, often lead to unexpected breakage of the car.

First and foremost, experts point to the disregard by motorists simple rules. For example, they ignore the knocking under the hood while driving and occasionally check the liquid in the tanks, according to “Bagnet” with reference to “FAN”.

Also owners often forget to change the oil after 7 thousand km, which can cause overheating, which will cause degradation of the lubricant and accelerate the oxidation.

Experts do not recommend to fill your car with fuel with lower octane rating, which threatens to overheat the motor not to drive on the cold engine not to start fast.

In addition, you must monitor the balance of tire pressure and not to turn the steering wheel “to the limit”.