Called likely candidate for the new “Bachelor”

Назван вероятный кандидат на место нового "Холостяка"

The project “the Bachelor,” which for several years successfully on the Ukrainian TV, chose a new hero.Voting for a new candidate ended recently, and to select from, writes the with reference to Politico.

The main bachelor of the country was claimed: the most beautiful man in the world according to competition Mister Sea World 2018 Bogdan, Osipchuk, businessman Sergey Tsibulsky, producer Artem Prikhodko, TV host and editor in chief of XXL magazine Nikita Dobrynin, and attorney Vladislav Bezrukov.

But in comments Ukrainians have said many bachelors who would like to see the characters of the show.With the blank artists choice is not so great.

But as it turned out, most women would not mind to see in the new season of Andrei Danilko, participant of “Eurovision-2018” Melovin or max Barsky.

However, the list of potential “bachelor” fans of the show were boundless.

Got: frontman Dima KADNAY Cadney, singers Vitaly Kozlovsky, Dan Balan and ALEKSEEV, actors mark Drobot and Nikita, Vakuljuk, restaurateur, Valery Sozanovsky, host of “Battle of psychics” Pavel Kostitsyn, presenter of “Experiment” Alexander Kolyada and even the world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Beleniuk.His candidacy has already managed to comment on Andrey Danilko.

“It’s important for me to feel organic. If to consider participation in the project “the Bachelor” as some kind of adventure, I can imagine it. But then you have to be in shape to look good. While I don’t like myself, I try to change. It’s the effects of a long 20-year-old race of touring, lack of sleep, poor lifestyle and nutrition. You need to first get in shape, then you can consider this option. Although now I find it funny to imagine, ” — immediately disown an artist.

But who is really going to be the new Ukrainian bachelor, will be known only in autumn.

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