Called optimal calorie healthy Breakfast

Названа оптимальная калорийность полезного завтрака

Dietitian from Israel Elinor Thiram wikert the claims that Breakfast is absolutely mandatory and must contain at least 300 kcal.How many sayings about healthy food. Modern tips and wisdom from ancient times a lot to say about nutrition, writes the with reference to Politico.

Breakfast is the most important element of awakening and pre-loads throughout the day. It allows all body systems to include, activates the immune system and other protective systems. Eating in the morning allows you to replenish spent reserves of carbohydrates in the muscles and liver, which is especially important for children who have these resources less.

Want to lose weight by Breakfast mistaken. Pass it greatly enhances the feeling of hunger and makes a person to compensate for the calories in a larger amount during the day, stimulates the deposition of fat reserves. No Breakfast person lacks vitality. It may not work in full force. Children who eat Breakfast in the morning, better able to focus on the lessons they have higher intelligence and better results.

According to Israeli nutritionist, the best diet for Breakfast — food rich in complex carbohydrates (not sugar) with high fiber content (oatmeal, muesli) in combination with vegetables and fruits. Not interfere on the Breakfast serving of yogurt or cheese sandwich.

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