Called product that increases traction adolescents to aggression, alcohol and cigarettes

Назван продукт, увеличивающий тягу подростков к агрессии, алкоголю и сигаретам

Bullies are children-a sweet tooth.Excess sugar increases the craving for alcohol and cigarettes, and also increases the tendency to aggression, reports the with reference to Comments.

Researchers from the University of Bar-Ilan found that 11-15 year old adolescents who experience a craving for sugar and energy drinks, more aggressive. Israeli scientists have studied the questionnaire 137284 European and canadian children and counted how many of them are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and how often they started fights, poisoned peers.

The norm for teenagers sugar is 30 grams, and for younger children the level dropped even lower – 19 grams per day, researchers found.

Experts warn that children with a sweet tooth 69% more likely to be bullies, and fans of energy drinks the risk of becoming dependent on alcohol and nicotine is increased by 89 percent. The study authors also note that sugary drinks cause addiction to psychoactive substances and violence against peers is much stronger than chocolate or candy. Also due to the large amount of caffeine and various additives, which in combination with sugar can cause emotional problems.

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