Called spice, is able to prevent straseskie dementia

Названа специя, способная предотвратить страческое слабоумие

Turmeric is especially useful for people in age. Israeli scientists have discovered a new useful properties of popular seasonings. Curcumin is a component of well-known condiments, recently conducted a lot of research about its positive and negative effects on health, reports the with reference to Scientists from Israel have also contributed, showing that curcumin helps to maintain brain health and reduces the risk of development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Scientists from an Israeli hospital Hadassah has tested the potential of dietary supplements to strengthen the intestinal cells to prevent uncontrolled leakage of intestinal contents into the bloodstream.

In combination with phospholipids, curcumin showed anti-inflammatory properties, ability to reduce the intervals between the cells and make the intestines less permeable. The disadvantage of curcumin is rapid decomposition and removal within two hours. However, its positive effect lasts for 72 hours even after complete removal.

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