Called the myths about healthy lifestyles

Названы мифы о здоровом образе жизни

Many scientists do not support the idea about the usefulness of separation of power.

Many people can confidently tell you that it involves a healthy lifestyle – this is today thanks to the Internet and television have an idea, even those who do not follow the rules. But many of our ideas about healthy lifestyles – is just a myth.

Experts have exposed the myths about healthy lifestyles. They called the popular delusion about what actions and habits help to improve health.

Dinner give to the enemy. This saying remember, always, is only to speak about what is in the evenings. Scientists have concluded: the constant refusal of food at this time of the day to slow metabolic processes, and can also lead to hazardous for health to reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, people who do not eat, tendentious consumed more calories during Breakfast and lunch.

Daily workout. I think it should be the ideal? Wrong. An intense workout should not exceed in volume five hours a week, otherwise there is a risk to overstrain the heart.

The more sweat, the more lose weight. According to experts, the theory about the benefits of sweat gave rise to another myth – about the benefits of the “fat furnace” by using sauna. In fact, the amount of sweat no effect either on the effectiveness of the workout or the calories burned in a sauna – this was confirmed by studies.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is argued that Breakfast need to be sure, but scientists have their own opinion on this matter. If after waking from sleep, has no appetite, to arouse him by force and eat you “don’t want” – wrong, they say. By the way, during the experiments, people who skipped Breakfast, for the day, eat fewer meals and calories than those who ate in the morning.

Running is good for everyone. Consequences of passion run can be an overdose leading to thickening of the heart walls, as well as to oxidative stress. Need to run no more than 30-50 minutes a day, and then, provided that the person is not a mile. Experts also emphasize that running can be dangerous for people with asymmetry of the feet, as well as for untrained people with large body mass.

Carbohydrates and proteins are not digested together. According to them, can not be afraid of the simultaneous consumption of proteins and carbohydrates because of their processing are different the gastrointestinal tract. The body by nature is equipped with mechanisms enabling it to obtain maximum benefit from the food received.

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