Called treat that can be eaten without harm to the figures

Названо лакомство, которое можно есть без вреда для фигуры

A nutritionist told whether to eat dessert after dinner.Popular nutritionist Svetlana FUS told his followers, can I eat dessert after lunch and in what quantity.

Appropriate post expert published on his page on Instagram, writes the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

A nutritionist claims that the feeling of hunger is often caused due to reduced level of glucose in the blood. And to normalize the indicators, body needs a quick carbohydrate.

“Of course, vegetable salad, soup, or other useful main dish helps to restore glucose. Here only it happens not at once and in a period of “waiting” and I want to eat something sweet or unhealthy,” wrote FUS.

According to experts, if you feel slight hunger or craving for sweets after lunch, so the body needs to restore glucose levels. To help him without compromising your diet if you eat small healthy dessert (dried fruit or a piece of dark chocolate, but not more than 30 grams a day).

“This will help satisfy hunger until, while glucose starts to absorption of complex carbohydrates used in the main meal,” concluded the nutritionist.

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