Campuses give out free pads for equality in education (PHOTOS)

Кампусы бесплатно раздают прокладки ради равноправия в образовании (ФОТО)

The movement on the distribution of products during menstruation, launched by the students at the universities of Toronto, Montreal, calgary and Halifax. Human rights activists believe that handing out tampons and pads to those who need them, not just a question of hygiene, but also equality in education.

The initiative was originally offered the male part of the staff of the College Centennial. According to them, the fact that during the training the students do not have to spend the extra 25 cents on hygiene means that men are not needed in principle, creates more equal conditions. The initiative was positively accepted at the administrative level, then other educational institutions have adopted this practice.

In College Centennial calculated that per month on feminine hygiene products left about $1,000. According to the administration of the College, it is a very small sum for the opportunity to provide students with equal opportunities.

In 2015, the Federal tax on the funds required during menstruation, increased. The College notes that many of the solution to distribute free of charge these items may seem strange because this had never been done before, but for students the cost of tampons and pads can be really burdensome, because 90% of students are on financial support for various programs.

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