Can hit up to 80 objectives: the network showed a video with the s-400 occupiers near Kerch

Может поражать до 80 целей: в сети показали видео с комплексами С-400 оккупантов возле Керчи

Russian occupants have deployed in Crimea new anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. Such complexes were seen near the occupied Kerch.

The network got a video system that can simultaneously affect up to 80 targets.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, after the attack on the ships of the Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov, Russia enhances occupation forces in the Crimea. So, in the southern military district of the Russian Federation has declared that on the annexed Peninsula soon will transfer anti-aircraft missile battalion s-400 “Triumph”.

And recently the network has got video transfer, a powerful military equipment to the Crimean bridge. In social media discussed video. It was even suggested that under the pressure of heavy military equipment, the bridge “will collapse.”

We read in the Telegram channel, Facebook and Twitter

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