Canada will take rescuers from Syria, accusing Russia of killing civilians (PHOTO)

Канада примет спасателей из Сирии, обвиняющих Россию в убийстве мирных жителей (ФОТО)

On 22 July, the evacuation of the White helmets, the Syrian charity rescue organization, which emerged as an Association of local residents, from Syria. The first country was Jordan, it was attended by about 400 people (members of the organization along with their families).

Now rescued around 800 await their resettlement. And Canada is one of the countries willing to accept them in their country.

In Germany, declared that too is ready to host the home of the members of the “White helmets”. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs, the activists are always the first to appear on the sites of the attacks and they were able to save over the past few years more than 100,000 people, killing about 200 members of the organization. The Minister noted that the active evacuation assistance was provided by Canada, Britain and the United States.

Among the functions of “White helmets” – medical assistance and dissemination of information. The Russian defense Ministry believes that the activists are associated with terrorist groups because they operate in the territories subject to the opposition and terrorist groups Bashar al-Assad. In Russia believe that the information disseminated is also unreliable.

The “white helmets” they were called due to the fact that the attacks they come out in white helmets, but officially they are called “Syrian civil defense”. For several years, they are candidates for the Nobel peace prize, and Hollywood actors George Clooney and Ben Affleck support this initiative to submit.

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