Canadian products for children found toxic substances (PHOTO)

В канадских товарах для детей обнаружили токсичные вещества (ФОТО)

According to the research Agency for the environment of NAFTA, dozens of canadian and imported goods, including baby bibs, mats and blankets contain chemicals that can cause cancer and hormonal diseases.

From 137 products, authenticated, two-thirds contained perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), which are prohibited in Canada and internationally.

It is known that these chemicals affect the endocrine system, which controls all hormonal functions of the body. Prolonged exposure to these compounds can cause cancer, liver disease and thyroid gland, and reproductive organs.

“The fact that people are unknowingly, unintentionally buy the similar things, is a serious cause for concern, said Muhannad Malas, head of the program on Toxics in the human rights organization Environmental Defence Canada, based in Toronto. − People are looking for things that are safe… these products are advertised as lead-free and BPA, but they ultimately contain one or more perfluorinated compounds.”

Among canadian and imported goods, proven by scientists from the Commission for environmental cooperation (CEC), an organization which was the result of an agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, all six baby bibs contain either PFOA or PFOS, or both, as well as eight other potentially harmful perfluorinated compounds.

At least one perfluorinated compound in the course of the tests found in four waterproof children’s mats, mats and blankets, all 11 children’s jackets, in 9 of 10 waterproof stanicek, and in all 20 jackets for adults.

Malas said that the study underlines the urgent need to modernize and strengthen the laws that protect consumers. This process has already started in June last year, recommendations were proposed for improving the canadian Law on environmental protection 1999.

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