Canadian Railways will receive $315 million for the modernization of the waterways in Ontario (PHOTOS)

Канадские железные дороги получат $315 млн. на модернизацию путей в Онтарио (ФОТО)

CN Rail plans to invest about $315 million in Ontario this year to expand and strengthen the railway network of the company throughout the province.

The company claims that the planned projects include upgrades to the terminal railway station in Brampton Northwest of Toronto is the largest object and construction of a new road, which will be held along the East coast Sioux lookout.

The company also plans to replace approximately 145 miles of railroad track to shift more than 380,000 sleepers and rebuild about 60 road junctions. According to representatives of the company, these improvements will also be carried out maintenance of bridges, culverts, signal systems and other infrastructure.

“We invest, focusing on the long term to increase the capacity and sustainability of the network to meet the growing demand in our economy,” said Vice-President of the Eastern division Michael Farkouh.

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